Seven year old Bhatkali boy comes under wheel in Dubai, dies

Dubai: A seven-year-old boy was crushed to death by the wheels of a car when he was crossing the road at Murshid Bazar in Deira Dubai on Saturday. The deceased has been identified as Yalah S/o Maulavi Yusha Mohtisham.

According to sources the boy Yalah was returning back to home on his cycle after attending a class from Irani bazar, when this tragic incident took place near Masjid Jamiul Iman. It is said that the car first climbed on boy’s leg and when people yelled for caution the car driver got confused and suddenly reversed his car, due to which the wheel of the car climbed on the boy’s head. The boy died on the spot.

The father of the boy Yusha who was living near the place rushed to the spot, but his son had already taken his last breath.

It is reported that the boy Yalah was studying in Our Own High School in Dubai in second standard. He was the youngest among the four children of Yusha.

The body of Yalah has been taken to Raashid Hospital soon after the accident, and was later shifted to Al-Qiyadah. It is beleived that the body will be handed over to the family in the morning after all legal procedures complete.

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