Secret Ayurvedic Formula for Everlasting Youthful Skin Revealed!

People have been trying to discover the elixir of youth since the dawn of time, but no one has been very successful. However, an amazing ancient recipe discovered recently has a lot of potential, and it is said that it provides miraculous results! This is a combination of some of very powerful ingredients that not only lightens the skin but also nourish it to give younger looking skin.

You need:

  • 100 gm sweet almonds
  • 1 egg white
  • 1/2 cup rice

How to prepare:
Soak the almonds in warm water early in the morning. At night, blanch the soaked almonds to remove the brown skin. Grind the almonds into a smooth paste by adding little water as required. Beat well an egg white into a bowl.

Mix the almond paste with this egg white. Apply this as a face mask over clean and dry skin.

Mean while soak half cup of rice in 1 cup of water and leave over night. Next morning wash your face with the water used to soak the rice. Use this water to splash on your face several times through out the day.

This is an effective method from traditional medicine for improving skin color, removing brown spots, acne and fine wrinkles on the face.


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